Our products are easily found in numerous places over the country. We have delivered uniquely designed and manufactured upholstery fabrics to such special and famous institutions as the house of Parliament, the National Opera House or the Vígszínház. We participated in the renovation of the Petőfi Literature Museum, Post Museum, Royal Palace of Visegrád, Royal Palace of Gödöllő (Grassalkovich Castle) with manufacturing and providing upholstery, wall and curtain fabrics inherent to the actual era.

Paramount references from the listed above are the Grassalkovich Castle in Gödöllő, to where we manufactured a great variety of fabrics appropriate for the period, made of very special materials. This was ongoing in between 2000 and 2010.

Also our references include MÁV, MÁV-Start, (Hungarian railway corporations) BKV and BKK (Budapest public transport corporations), as well as many regional Volán bus companies, to whom we have been delivering primarily fire retardant plush vehicle seat covers and curtain draperies for a long time.

Our most recent unique product line are the baby wrap textiles. Carry baby wear is brand new and exciting area, booming recently. We are proud to collaborate with such unique artists as Bloomy Loom or Tinge Garden. These fabrics are woven with raw materials that meet the ÖKO-TEX standard’s requirements.

Gödöllői Királyi Kastély, főhadsegéd

Postamúzeum (Postapalota) wall carpet and curtains, 2000

Hungarian Parliament building's parlour and corridor sofas "Parlament" jacquard plush, 2002

Royal Castle Gödöllő, 2000 - 2010