Our factory, located in Kőszeg looks back on an almost 90 year history. We are the one and only company to manufacture vehicle plush and upholstery fabrics in Hungary still to this day.

Meritum ltd. has the technology to produce practically all woven product types.

We weave the so called dobby, jacquard and plush fabric types for furniture and vehicle industry purposes.We also do lease work, weaving preparation among others (twisting, reeling), as well as special flame retardant and dirt repellent finishing.

Producing plush for vehicles stand out from our manufacturing agenda. A great many seat covers of the Hungarian public transportation vehicles, are products of our factory.

The base for production is selecting the appropriate raw materials, purchased from the European Union and are always tested beforehand. Some of our products require special raw materials eg.: excellent quality cotton yarns or flame retardant yarns.

There is a growing demand for fire retardant materials, especially from the automotive industry due to the strict fire and safety regulations of our days. When designing and choosing the right raw material for a textile, the actual textile application requirements are carefully considered. This way we can offer our customers special abrasion-resistant, moisture absorber products or sound-absorbing, fast to light materials.

Custom Design and Production

We are capable of designing and weaving fabrics according to your individual needs.

With the help of the jacquard card punching machine we are able to convert the designed work of an artist, ready to be weaved within a short period of time.

These uniquely designed draperies are equally suitable for private, business or institutional use.

Own laboratory analysis

In our factory lab we regularly test the materials (yarns, threads) used in production and the qualitative requirements of the manufactured textiles, as well as the characteristics of the imported upholstery fabrics before trading them.

We operate in the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009 quality management system. We devote increased attention on our partners maximum satisfaction with the actual delivered products.

The base of our analysis is the MSZ EN 14465:2004 standard. Our laboratory’s equipment and instruments practically make us able to perform all test included in the standard.

Hence, we possess a length measuring reel, to test the denier of yarns and threads; a yarn tearing machine to assess solidity; a twist counter to evaluate yarn or thread twist; a rub fastness tester machine for both yarns and upholstery fabrics rubbing fastness tests. Our universal tension testing machine is responsible for measuring maximum tensile force, resistance to seam-slippage and stretching, the abrasion resistance is analyzed with the Martindale device, which has been recently getting more and more attention.


Flame retardant finishing - The flame retardation of the fabrics are achieved two ways. Applying special raw materials (yarns) or by post-treatment. The special yarn (eg.: TREVIRA C.S.) from the fabric’s flame retardation point of view are providing a long lasting result, while the effect of the post-treatments are declining over time, primarily due to the regular cleaning of the fabric.

Contamination proof finishing

Upon request we are able to provide contamination proof finishing to our own fabrics and fabrics brought by our customers. The contamination proof finishing provides triple protection: Due to the special treatment, dirt will not stick to the fabric fiber. This finishing makes your fabric dirt repellent. Those liquids that would leave a stain, like coffee, hot chocolate, wine, beer, cognac etc... stay only as drops on the surface. To remove the stain use a sponge to simply wipe it. The general process of getting dirty will slow down substantially and the fabric stays longer clean and look like new. Therefore there is no need to worry about using good quality light colored fabrics on your furniture. Even those stains that are already soaked in the fabric are easily removable. Oily stains are to be removed with stain remover and water based stains by using a mild detergent.